Lighthouse is a 55-minute solo performance piece that explores and adumbrates the theme of solitude using an unusual material – PVC plastic. It is an Expressionist and Existentialist piece focusing on the different ways in which I can explore my physicality using the plastic tubes as well as dance and circus mediums, such as acrobatics and contortion. I manipulate the tubes, giving them life by allowing their movement to guide and extend my corporeality. The idea is to create a relationship with the objects through movement that reflects emotions, such as throwing, catching, wringing and whipping. Yet, just as everyone sees different shapes in the clouds, the movement of my body with the plastic tubes will incite the audience to perceive and develop their own narratives. The live art ‘building/ construction’ element of the performance aims to build tension in my relationship with the tubes by physically working with the tubes, transforming them from inanimate objects into my partner. The creation is also aimed at addressing the topical issue of excessive plastic goods in the world and our role in it.